\\ - Macclesfield

Nestled within a large existing garden this installation showcases our love of textures and depth. An organic blend of natural local materials, rusty farm sculpture, and streamlined modern lighting create an intimate garden space in which to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

\\ - Crafers West

Like the ripples in a pond, the cool shady tree in the centre of this garden anchors the design as it gently radiates outwards. The circular recycled brick paving beneath the tree reinforces the ripple effect until it reaches curved Gabion walls uphill, and Carey Gully Stone steps downhill.

\\ - Henley Beach

This Japanese inspired garden designed by Kate Whitelock is therapeutic in its simplicity and required careful and considered construction on our part. The sound of running water, the breeze through the maple leaves, a beautiful play of light across the day add a calming effect to this space.

\\ - Stirling

Incorporating the concept of “outdoor rooms” or a “journey” through different spaces, this garden cleverly uses non-linear paths, barriers and vistas to draw your eye and leave your feet wanting to explore.

\\ - North Adelaide

This North Adelaide courtyard blurs the lines between the perception of indoor and outdoor spaces. The relationship between the footprint, enclosed roof and the scale of the plants and objects in the space gives you the sense of looking at a well decorated room.

\\ - Leabrook

A large front yard with a gently curved driveway separates a textured garden bed and expansive lawn with its generously sized steppingstones to the front door. A minimalist al fresco/outdoor entertaining area sees the play of light and shade, and pot plants steal the eye while overlooking a backyard equal in grandeur to the front.

\\ - Kensington

No sooner are you through the front gate and you know you are in for something special with this garden. A generational lemon tree takes prized place in the front yard with a custom curved deck that both accentuates the lemon tree and provides a shady spot to recline.