We approach every one of our projects with a holistic mindset. Our intention is for each of our gardens to not only meet the brief, but also to stand the test of time, and bring you and your loved ones much joy for many years to come. Often, the secret to longevity in a garden is ongoing care backed up by horticultural knowledge. If you are not a natural green thumb yourself, you can trust our maintenance team to tend to your garden throughout the seasons to ensure it performs its best from year to year.

John Leathart Landscapes offers a range of maintenance packages to suit the needs of gardens of different sizes and complexities, and home gardeners of different skill sets. Whether your garden requires just a seasonal visit or weekly maintenance, we can create a schedule that will keep your property in top condition. Your desired level of involvement in keeping your garden in shape is an important factor to consider during the landscape design phase, as we can create a garden that requires as much or as little ongoing care as you would like.

By addressing the seasonal needs of your garden, we can create a maintenance schedule to improve the health of soil and plants through composting, fertilising, pruning, mowing, weeding, pest control, and addressing any other ongoing requirements.


Every garden is different, but all gardens require some form of care and nurturing to ensure they will not only survive but also thrive and flourish. Our experienced garden maintenance team can recommend and apply the right fertilisers and pruning techniques to ensure plant health throughout your garden from season to season.

John is passionate about nurturing gardens and focuses on providing the home gardener with long term solutions to help their gardens evolve and endure. The ultimate goal is a healthy, thriving garden and pleasurable outdoor environment.


If your garden is a little beyond repair, you may be in need of a once-off garden clean up. We can remove dead shrubs and plants, cut back overgrown lawn and improve the condition of malnourished soils to refresh your garden and bring it back to life. We can also recommend, supply and install new plants if you are after advice on ‘what grows best where’ in your garden.

If you are selling your home or leasing out a property, we can have your gardens looking their absolute best so your property stands out in a competitive market.