Tranquil Entertainer Garden

This Adelaide Hills Project was the design and construction of three separate  
areas - A garden/lawn area with a fire pit, a vegetable planter area and a  
Japanese inspired Garden .
The retaining walls were in place on this steep block, so for the upper garden area soil was brought in for the lawn and garden beds. A slate fire pit area was laid by a stonemason.
In the vegetable planter area, raised garden beds were constructed using Queensland Ironbark sleepers and then the the decking platforms were built
around them to make it easier to walk around them on the slope.
The Japanese Inspired Garden has a water feature makes use of storm  
water from the house creating a natural waterway. Large rocks were imported and an excavator dug the ponds.
Once the water feature was completed there was a mad rush to build the decking and plant the trees before the wet weather came!
Tranquil Entertainer Garden
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